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Make a Difference

In the spirit of Human Rights Day, this month we shine the spotlight on careers that focus on protecting and preserving the rights of those who are vulnerable. Studies have shown that choosing a career that involves helping others may lead to increased job satisfaction, so if you are passionate about being of service to others and making a positive difference in peoples’ lives, perhaps one of these career paths could be the one for you. Human Rights Lawyer What does a human rights lawyer do? A human rights lawyer focuses on the protection of the civil and human rights
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Profile: Avani Singh

We spoke to Avani Singh, a human rights lawyer at the Legal Resources Centre, about the joys and challenges of her job, and what steps to follow if you want to become a human rights lawyer. Name: Avani Singh Location: Johannesburg Occupation: Human Rights Lawyer Employer: Constitutional Litigation Unit, Legal Resources Centre Qualification: B.Comm (Law) LLB Institution: University of Pretoria   1.     Why did you decide to become a human rights lawyer?   I come from a family of lawyers, and have always had a general interest in the law.  By the time I completed school, however, I wasn’t really
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