Pursuing Financial Freedom

Hello hi!! Happy Freedom Day firstly! Hope you had a good time. Plus its school holidays so pupils, parents and drivers are happy all over the country! I know I’m one of the happy drivers.

What is this term Financial Freedom? It’s being financially free… That was the answer given to me which as you can imagine just by reading it, was NOT helpful at all. It’s a term that’s thrown around but no one really knows how to get there. So financial freedom is (in my words) is having more rand at the end of your month. So in simple English it’s actually still having money at the end of the month and not living pay day to pay day or allowance to allowance for some of you.

So for the ordinary person on the street, being financially free is having money at the end of the month if you didn’t understand that last sentence. It’s knowing that your financial future is secure. That you have made the right decisions and are covered for any life changing event that could occur. It’s knowing that “hey man, I want to go on holiday this year” and you can because you’re a planner.

It’s getting into financial savvy habits like treating your money like you would your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you don’t treat your partner right, your partner will leave you. Well at least I hope so. You might receive many warnings until the person is actually fed up and goes. Yes? Your money will do the exact same thing. So get to budgeting and living within your means. Yes, it’s not nice not having the nicest things in the world. But what is nice is having money in your bank account…

But there is something hindering us from achieving financial freedom. Debt amongst the youth has exploded and I blame two things: Financial institutions for making it so easy to obtain credit and secondly the overly excessive society that we’re exposed to on a daily basis by TV, saying that more is good. Then add a mix of wanting to show off to that recipe and we’ve successfully created a wonderful dish of financial disaster.

The thing we do not understand is that we buy things we can’t afford, to impress people we don’t like. All those people will say is “oh that’s nice” or “I wish I could get one too” but never do because they know they can’t afford it. Or they do get it to try Keep Up With The Gupta’s. See how the cycle continues? All I can say to that is be grateful for what you do have and when you’re in a position to get those nice things then by all means do it. Plan for them. I’m pretty sure to be with your partner or to get that A on that test you had to plan. You had to come up with an action plan of how you’re going to get her to say yes or how to pass that test. You didn’t just wake up and it happened. So if we can plan those things, why can’t you plan for arguably the most important thing in your life?

That is a question only you can answer and hopefully you would’ve answered it and have hit me up on Twitter @MikelMoyo to tell me your answer! Until next time, I’m signing out. Keep it locked and remember: During summer we can sit in the shade because someone planted a tree a long time ago…

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